For those of us who love liberty and freedom, who believe that each person owns himself, who hold the idea that a person can do whatever he wishes with his life and property as long as he does not infringe on the rights of another person or his property, we find ourselves beset on all sides by a State that is oppressive of our rights and the most violent and consistent aggressor against life and property.

The State, media, and government run schools are all working to teach our children a near blind obedience to government and its agents.

In an effort to combat all the State propaganda and ensure my children receive a more enlightened education, I began recording short podcast type lessons for them. The lessons are all designed to be about 5 minutes long and to teach the ideas of liberty in a language they can understand.

I'm posting these lessons online so that others who might find them useful can share them with their own children.


Monday, June 9, 2014

League City police being naughty

While I was out running last week, I was able to catch a few naughty police employees on camera.

This photo is from a nearby park.  Police often sit like this in their cars so they can chat with each other without getting out in the heat.  These men are employed to protect our lives and property, and could use their time patrolling neighborhoods to find criminals, or to scare criminals away before they can commit crimes like theft from homes and vehicles.  Instead, they are using their time to sit in this parking lot where nothing good is accomplished.  If the police were accountable to their employer like a normal employee is, this behavior would not be tolerated.  But police work for the government, and government employees are rarely held accountable for their mistakes or doing their job poorly, especially the police.  Police are often treated as heroes for doing their job, and every excuse is made to forgive their bad behavior.

Next, I came upon two young men who were being threatened by another police employee.  I heard the policeman raising his voice and threatening one of the young men, so I stopped to take video.

The cop was giving the young man a ticket for driving 35 mph in a school zone with a 20 mph speed limit.  The police would say this is for this is for the safety of the children, but there were no children walking home from school at that time.  But the police never pass up an opportunity to issue such an expensive ticket to drivers.  The young man was calmly trying to talk to the cop about the speeding ticket, which angered the policeman.  The police don't like people to challenge the authority they believe they have over us, and expect people to cower before their presence.  Any time someone does something that challenges the authority of the police, no matter how insignificantly, the police can become abusive and dangerous.  I hope that my presence there filming the interaction was enough to calm the policeman down.  It was at about that time that you can see him waving at me in the video, so I know that he was aware of me shortly after becoming hostile. 

In the end, the policeman wrote the young man a ticket for speeding, and declined to write him far less expensive tickets for not having a license to drive a motorcycle and not having a helmet.  Sometimes police do this to try and appear like they are nice guys, but it may also have been because he was being filmed and was embarrassed at having yelled at the young man.  But the officer would not let the young men ride the moped home.  He expected them to walk about 5 miles in the heat to get to their home.

Luckily, I was finishing my run and only about 1/2 mile from home, so I was able to run and get my truck and take them and their moped to their house.  It is important for us to help each other when the police are harrassing our friends, neighbors, family, and even strangers, first by filming the interactions, but in any other way we can also.

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