For those of us who love liberty and freedom, who believe that each person owns himself, who hold the idea that a person can do whatever he wishes with his life and property as long as he does not infringe on the rights of another person or his property, we find ourselves beset on all sides by a State that is oppressive of our rights and the most violent and consistent aggressor against life and property.

The State, media, and government run schools are all working to teach our children a near blind obedience to government and its agents.

In an effort to combat all the State propaganda and ensure my children receive a more enlightened education, I began recording short podcast type lessons for them. The lessons are all designed to be about 5 minutes long and to teach the ideas of liberty in a language they can understand.

I'm posting these lessons online so that others who might find them useful can share them with their own children.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

A hero should keep their oaths.

Literally the very first thing a soldier swears is to defend the Constitution. Then they proceed to fight illegal undeclared wars of aggression on orders given by politicians who regularly write laws that disregard the Constitutional rights of Americans.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Two Party System

This image is trying to illustrate the idea that the two party system of politics in America(on one side is democrats and the other side is republicans) are supposed to be polar opposites from each other, and that libertarians have a completely different idea about who should govern your life.  In fact though, the two parties are not polar opposites.  They do try to portray themselves as this image suggests

 Democrats would like you to believe that their party stands for individual liberty - allowing people to make their own decisions while at the same time confiscating a large part of your property to redistribute to poorer and so-called "disadvantaged" people.  In fact though, they work to control people's decisions, such as what wages they are allowed to work for and what tools or weapons they may possess to defend themselves,

Republicans would like you to believe that their party stands for allowing people to decide for themselves how their money is spent, while at the same time making laws to force people to live by their own moral code.  In fact though, they also confiscate a large part of your property, but they want to spend it on waging wars and funding the police state needed to enforce their moral code.

Libertarians understand that the best way for men to progress, be healthy, happy, and wealthy, is to allow them to run their own lives and control their own property.  Mutually working together making voluntary decisions and trades is a better(though not perfect) system than allowing a central organization to use threats and violence to enforce the will of an elite group of government officials.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Who is the biggest bully in your school?

Link to the story in the Washington Post

Who is the most dangerous person in your school?  If you have a police officer who is assigned to your school, he or she is likely the most dangerous person you will encounter while getting an education.  The best thing that you can do if you or a friend (or even an enemy) has personal encounter with a cop, is to record the interaction.  Generally, people will behave better when they know they are being recorded, but there are many videos of adult police officers physically abusing young students to prove that is not always the case.

When dealing with police, keep these things in mind:
1. Police are trained to lie, and it is acceptable for them to lie.
2. Police are trained to make requests sound like demands.  Example: "I'm going to have to ask you to open your bag for me."  Although this may sound like an order, notice the language is "have to ask."  While you are film the encounter, get them to commit to an order by asking, "Is that an order or are you asking me to?"  If they don't have legal standing to order you to, they won't commit to it on film.
3.  Police often respond to perceived insults with violence, so it is best to be respectful.
4.  Police often respond to any short delay in obey them with violence, so proceed with caution and continue to film.

Remember that the camera is your friend.  The officer in this video may end up getting in trouble, but that would not have happened if someone had not caught this on their phone.  Any time you stand before a judge or a school official without video evidence, they are most likely to side with the cop over you.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The True Political Spectrum

In America, we're taught that there is a political that has the democrats on one side and the republicans on the other.  Democrats are said to be on the left, and republicans on the right.  Democrats may be referred to as left-wingers, and republicans as right-wingers.  People who try to mix both beliefs are called centrists (meaning in the center).

In reality, there is not much different between these two "sides."  When you boil down all their beliefs to the bone, they both revolve around the idea that some person or group of people have the right and authority to rule over you and to claim ownership of your life and property.  We call this belief authoritarianism.

The opposite of this belief in authoritarianism is voluntaryism.  It is the belief that all people own themselves and that no other person can have a higher or better claim on the ownership of their body or property than the individual can.  It is the belief that all the ways people interact should be voluntary.  Neither force, nor coercion, nor threats should be used to make someone do what they don't want to, or to stop them from doing what they want to do, as long as they are not harming anyone else or violating another person's rights.

All governments are authoritarian.  But some are more authoritarian than others.  North Korea is one of the most authoritarian governments.  They control much of their citizens lives, such as the books that can be read, the movies they can watch, the news they are told, where they can work.

The American Constitutional government is a less authoritarian government.  The Constitution was written to clearly define what government was allowed to do and to put limits on how much the government could interfere in the lives of it's citizens.  Unfortunately, the government has claimed more and more power for itself over the years and is becoming more authoritarian every year.  America does not have the limited government that the writers of the Constitution intended, and the actual government is much closer to the oppressively authoritarian government of North Korea than most Americans would like to admit.

America claims to be the "land of the free," but it is more accurate to say that it is the "land of the people who are more free than some people in the world and less free than others."  The only truly free society is one follows the principles of voluntaryism.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The greatest crime against the State is disobedience.

Garner State Park is one of the more popular outdoor areas in Texas. The Frio River, with clear, cool water, and a limestone riverbed, runs though the length of the park. The river offers family friendly tubing, and a short dam near where the river exits the park offers a large area for swimming with calm water about 3-4 feet deep. There is a wildly popular nightly country dance that is attended by scores of families in an open pavilion beneath old oak trees. The park is popular among hikers, with several miles of challenging hike up craggy hills.

It was after completing a two hour hike around one of these hills that my family experienced the most unforgettable part of our trip. As we drove from the parking area back to our campsite, I inadvertently drove the wrong way down a one way street. The parking lot we used was about half way down this street, and when I left the lot, I had forgotten that it was a one way road.

Now I'm typically a safe person. I work in an industry where accidents can cause major injuries or even be fatal, and can cause damage to equipment than can cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair. We are constantly being trained and retrained about working and living safely. All this safety training has overlapped into my home life and driving habits. 

I also tend to follow most traffic regulations for several other reasons. I have no desire to finance the government any more than I already do involuntarily through taxes, permit fees, and licensing requirements, by giving them a reason to issue me a traffic citation.  Because I film police performing traffic stops and arrests in my area, and because I often hold a sign warning drivers of police manning a speed trap near my home, I'm aware that the police know my face and vehicle and I assume that they watch me more closely to find me breaking one of their traffic rules. 

I haven't been pulled over in probably 10 years. So I was at first surprised when the police truck headed towards me flashed his lights at me, swerved in front of me, and motioned for me to roll down my window. But then it flashed through my head that I was in a one way street, headed the wrong way, and he probably just wanted to give me a heads up. This is pretty much what he did, except he added instructions for me to turn around and head the correct way. This surprised me because I was about 40 feet away from the two way road, and there was no other traffic. So I was technically breaking a rule designed for safety, but I wasn't actually being unsafe. If I were, I would have understood the instructions to turn around and I would have complied.

Now I understand the reason this road is designated for one way traffic.  It is about 3/4 as wide as a normal two lane road with, has no shoulder, and there are campsites packed along this road where families with young children camp.  It can be a busy place since it is in the most popular area of the park.  It might have made sense for me to turn around, even though I was so close to the beginning of two way traffic, if the area had been busy at the time.  But it was a Tuesday morning with no traffic and many empty camping sites.  And the first opportunity that I had to make a u-turn was actually about 15 feet from from the multilane road.  So as an adult who can determine what is safe and what is not and who can reason out what is sensible, I decided to ignore his instruction to turn around, drove the remaining distance to the terminus of one way traffic, and immediately pulled into the camp store parking lot to buy some ice.

I was in the store for several minutes, plenty of time for the cop to approach me and scold me if he choose to.  But he choose instead to follow me for a mile after leaving the store before pulling me over.  I suspect that he wished to avoid having a crowd of people see him reprimanding or citing a park guest.  Instead, he waited until I left the parking lot, then trailed about 10-15 feet behind me up and down steep roads until we reached a secluded spot before signaling with his lights for me to pull over.

Ostensibly,  the entire reason for this stop was because I created an unsafe condition by driving opposite the flow of traffic on an empty road.  But consider this:  the police officer swerved his truck into my path to originally get my attention, tailgated me as we drove steep roads with blind curves, and parked his truck in the flow of traffic as I pulled off the side of the road.  So this servant of public safety responded to my apparent breach of safe driving by putting me and other park guest in jeopardy three times.

Luckily, I have prepared my family for police encounters.  I have talked with my wife and daughters countless times about what their rights are when interacting with the State's law enforcement agents are, how to safely interact with them while exercising their rights,  and to always film any interactions they or their friends have with police.  So all it took was a simple reminder and we had 4 iPhones recording as the officer interacted with me.  The video tells the rest of the story. (Unfortunately none of the video was of the quality I would like, so I have posted the significant portion to Youtube.  Our family has reviewed the video and using this as a learning experience.)

I'll take the officer at his word that he usually writes a ticket.  But I don't believe his explanation as to why he didn't in this case.  He claims it's because I'm with my family.  But so are about 85% of the guests of the park.  So if he let people off when they are with their family, my guess is that he would almost never write tickets.

So why didn't he write a citation this time?  I suspect, but obviously can't prove, that it is because he saw 4 cameras recording him, and he choose not to take the chance of becoming a Youtube star for being a jerk at a park that is trying to attract families to visit.  This is not the outcome I expected.  When I chose not to roll my window down fully, control my voice so that I didn't sound like the sycophant I am sure he is normally used to dealing with, and to film him, I fully expected that I would be receiving a citation if for no other reason than to teach me some respect for law enforcement officers.  But, I was willing to pay the $150 for the opportunity to show that it is not only poor, young black people who are fed up with their gestapo tactics and violence, but also middle class, middle aged, white men too.

"Ordinarily I'd write you a ticket for not doing what I instructed you to do."  This statement by the officer is the most interesting of the entire experience.  He was considering issuing me a ticket not because I was unsafe or had harmed anyone or damaged any property, but because I had disobeyed him.  It is telling that an officer of the State views disobedience as a more dangerous crime than endangering public safety.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Democracy is freedom's enemy

Americans believe that democracy is equivalent to freedom. Or they at least believe they are able to be free because they live in a democratic country. They believe that their ability to participate by voting in making decisions about their community protects their freedom.

But in truth, living in a democratic society is exactly the opposite of freedom. Democracy allows other people to have a say in whom we may marry, where we may live, with whom we may trade, what products we may purchase or sell, with whom we may be at peace with and whom we must be at war with, how much of our income we may keep for our own needs and pleasures, what kind of business we may operate, and what we learn in school. Democracy allow our neighbors, people across town, even people a thousand miles away who we have never met and shall never meet, people we have little in common with and may even be religiously, politically, morally, and socially opposed to, to have a say in how we live our lives and how we are allowed to pursue happiness.

In a free society, we would be free to make all our own decisions, as long as our actions didn't cause harm to others or their property.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why do politicians put their own names on plaques?

When politicians put there own names on plaques like this, it demonstrates the hubris(extreme arrogance) of the State.

Politicians cast a vote to use force to extract(steal) wealth from property owners. These property owners have committed no fault except purchasing property within the geographical boundaries that these politicians claim to rule over(such as their city or county). The politicians then use the threat of violence to collect the money to build the park from these unfortunate property owners. If the property owner refuses to bow to the edict(command) of the politician, the politicians send the thug enforcers they call Sheriffs to forcibly remove the property owner from his home. The these mafioso(gang)-like enforcers called sheriffs auction the property off to collect the extortion money(money collect by threatening violence against a person) from the property owner. 
Of course, this threat of violence is understood by all the property owners, and since the mafia(gang)-like organization of politicians has many guns and obedient thug enforcers, most property owners willingly, if grudgingly, pay these extortion demands called taxes to avoid the violence. 
And when it’s all done, the politicians have the audacity(courage)

to put their own names in the plaque, as if their contribution to building the park was anything more than the threat of violence against their friends, family, and neighbors.